Sunday, August 24, 2014

Newport 2014

Every summer, we like too take a trip to California, since we live so close.  Newport is one of our favorite places.  This was also our last trip before Robb left for Texas.  Tons of pictures.  Sorry.
The Pier


The gorgeous beach.  The weather was perfect.
At one point when Robb and Bobby were out pretty far in the water, Bobby yells, "I see a fin!"  Now, on a side note, it was Shark Week the week we came.  We had been watching the Discovery Channel about shark attacks all week, so Robb doesn't believe him.  "No there's not."  "Dad, I promise, I see a fin!!"  Robb looks and there are three fins coming at them in the water.  They turn out to be dolphins, but you should have seen these two swimming their little hearts out to get into shore.  Robb didn't go back out.
 I love that these two have become best buds.
 Bobby riding his invisible bicycle.
Ferry Ride. Bobby was not impressed.  It went 800 feet and top speed was 4 mph.  But, it was something he had never done before.
 We went to the Griffith Observatory. What I learned here is that this is where people come to make-out.   
 We found my street on one of our walks.
 This is my favorite picture.  We went to The Wedge.  This is where the bigger waves are and where people surf.  They actually are making a movie about it.  We could have watched for hours.  It was like a television show.  Fights, police, speedos on 70 year old men.  Fun time.
 Joe's Crab Shack is a must.
 Riding bikes. 
 I love this picture, too.  I have such gorgeous daughters.  All three of them.  Robb and I make beautiful kids.
 SoCal sunset kiss.
I love our trips to Cali.  I actually love our trips anywhere.  My family means more to me than anything.  Any time I can not be working and playing with the ones I love, Im a happy girl.

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